Wondering what a wicker charger is? Table chargers are also called charger plates. Charger was the term used to describe different types of large bowls or platters used for holding liquids. As time went on the term; charger was used to describe chop plates or specialized plates placed on tables instead of table mats. These chargers usually serve as the base for plates containing meals.

Uses of table chargers

Chargers are generally used for table setting. They rarely have any direct contact with the food being served, rather they serve as placemats for plates and bowls. Charger plates are simply used to bring beauty and elegance to the table setting irrespective of how or what they’re made with.

Types of table chargers

There are different types of chargers and they vary depending on the material used for their production and their designs. Let’s take a look at some of the various types of chargers

Tile charger plates

These charger plates are made from tiles and can be cut into different shapes that are not necessarily the classic round or oval chargers. They also come in different designs and patterns depending on what you want.

Wooden charger plates

Wooden charger plates are perfect if you’re going for a rustic look or depending on the type of meal you’re servicing. They can also come in different shapes and carvings and can be cut from different types of wood.

Plastic charger plates

Plastic charger plates are perfect for minimalists who want to keep things classy and simple. They are available in an array of patterns and colors. They’re considerably cheaper than other types of charger plates which makes them a perfect choice for large events.

Ceramic charger plates

Some charger plates are made with ceramic materials. This adds elegance and class to your tables. These charges usually come in sets and patterns that could even match your plates and dishes.

Wicker charger plates

Wicker charger plates are made from thin pliable twigs. These twigs are woven together to form patterns and can be used for different items like baskets, chargers, and even chairs. They can be used for different types of table settings and is a creative way to elevate your table setting.

Things to consider when buying charger plates.

Here are some things to consider when buying a charger plate:

How much they’ll be used

If you’re buying charger plates for constant and long-term use, you might want to opt for plastic chargers or wicker chargers that would last longer and are not prone to damage. Other fragile chargers are good for once in a while use or just for special occasions.

The desired look

The theme of your event or the look you desire is an important factor in choosing a charger plate. If you want a rustic look, wooden or wicker chargers are a perfect choice. Tiles and ceramics are best for elegant or classy looks.


Table chargers take your table setting to the next level by adding a bit of creativity and class. You can do away with the dull table mats for special occasions and whip out your charger plates for a more elegant look.


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