Whenever you read the word Pokemon, you are reminded of some cartoon series, some anime series, some playing cards, trading cards, or any movie, etc. Pokemon is a short form for pocket monsters, an original Japanese name. This term, with time, evolved more and more, and with each generation, more Pokemon create.

Pokemon is a media franchise owned by a Japanese video game company called Nintendo, and Satoshi Tajiri created it. Besides referring to the company Pokemon is also known to be the name of different species of different shapes and sizes. In the Pokemon universe, there are known to be more than 700 creatures. If you need further information metal pokemon card, you may learn about it by searching on internet.

What Are Pokemon Cards?

A Pokemon trading card game is a game of cards that was first published in October 1996 in Japan. This Pokemon trading card game is based on the Pokemon franchise by Nintendo. The players make a deck around the Pokemon character cards in this game. Throughout the game, these cards are required to give power to your Pokemon. You can also buy some special cards that will give a boost to your Pokemon.

The purpose of this playing card game is to make two people have fun and quality time together while having a battle with their 60 cards deck. This card constitutes Pokemon cards as well as supplemental cards. The purpose of supplementary cards is to support the Pokemon cards and intensify the amusements and enjoyments.

Pokemon Metal Cards

Metal Pokemon cards, also known as gold Pokemon cards, are playing cards covered with gold-colored materials. The Pokemon cards included with meals at Burger King in 1999 were the most well-known Pokemon metal cards. Some metals used for making these Pokemon-playing cards include:

  • Silver
  • Copper
  • Iron
  • Gold
  • Bronze

For making these cards, these metals are first melted, and then changed into required shapes through processes like casting. Some other methods may also be used for this process of changing coin shape.

Metal Crafted Pokemon Cards and Their Joys

Metal crafting is a process in which metal is used for different decorating ideas. In old times metal was used by many rulers and nobles to make different items in the past times. Aluminum-like alloys are also used in many metal arts.

However, you may also find metal Pokemon cards. The metal Pokemon cards are just like normal playing cards. They offer the players some quality time to be spent together. The metal Pokemon cards have very layer, and some Pokemon cards are:

  • Master’s key Pokemon cards
  • 2002 Pokemon world championship number one trainer
  • Poliwrath no rarity symbol base set
  • 1999 super secret battle number one trainer
  • 2006 Pokemon world championship promo number 2 trainer
  • Black Star Ishihara signed the GX promo card
  • Pikachu illustrator
  • Kangaskhan Holo family event trophy card


This article was all about Pokemon metal playing cards. You now know the beginning of Pokemon, what Pokemon cards are, their purposes, and what benefits they can give you. There is a wide range available online so you can check out this range according to your choice.


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